Adhiwibowo & Co. is an Indonesian boutique law firm based in Jakarta. Adhiwibowo & Co. focuses in general litigation, employment, immigration and intellectual property.

Our attorneys have more than ten years of experience and hold advocate licensed from the Indonesian Advocate Association (“PERADI”) and intellectual property consultant license from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.



As Indonesia’s economy continues to grow against a backdrop of increasing regulatory and technological complexity, Adhiwibowo & Co. can also call on a team of lawyers offering a comprehensive range of services to address the complexities business and individuals may face.

We provide services to our clients not only for those who wish to set up companies or joint ventures in Indonesia or, invest or expand their business activities in Indonesia, or even restructure or dissolve their business, but also for those who wish to have our service in supporting their day-to-day business activities.

CORPORATE LEGAL MATTERS (Establishment of Company)

  1. Local Company (PT, CV, Foundation)
  2. Foreign Investment Company (FDI/PT. PMA)
  3. Trading business Representative Office
  4. Construction business Representative Office
  1. Company licenses : Domicile permit, NPWP, PKP, SIUP, TDP, IP BKPM, LKPM, IUT, Disturbance permit/HO/UUG, etc.
  2. Import Licenses : API-U, APIP, NIK, NPIK, IP/IT Besi-Baja, Masterlist / import facilities, etc.
  3. Licenses issued by : BKPM, Trade Dept., Industry Dept, Labor Dept, Public Works Dept, Energy Dept, Association (Kadin, Inkindo, Gapensi, etc.)
  4. Custom regulation matters
  5. Foreign investment facilities
  1. Change of Shareholders and Managements
  2. Increasing/Decreasing of Shares, Transfer of Shares
  3. Changing of Company’s name
  4. Adjustment Articles of Association to new Law
  5. Company Liquidation, Companies merger, etc.
  6. Notary deed, documents legalization, etc.
  7. Company agreements, etc.


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